IPS flooring

Commonly called "Oxide flooring" or "Cement oxide floor", IPS stands for Indian Patent Stone.
Ubiquitous in most rural houses in India, this technique is also found in the city, often under a layer of vitrified tiles or enamel paint.
IPS has a good resistant to wear and tear. It can be used as a flooring material as well as a wall finish, which makes it a very interesting technique to create seamless surfaces from floor to ceiling. Often finished with a coat of Wax, a well made IPS floor gets an unparalleled subtle shin.

One might wonder why this technique, using cement as a core ingredient, figures among the natural finishes that we work with. It is a conscious choice to promote an artisanal and rooted finish which is ultimately a very good alternative to other industrial, energy intensive flooring option available in the market.

IPS flooring, Lime plasters and Clay paints @ Suta flagship store

Memories are such beautiful things. When we started having conversations around making a space for Suta in Bangalore, our thoughts went back to the day of our first saree.

Commercial interior
Interior projects
The folds of the oxide staircase

Natural plasters for a compact private residence with a warm palette in west Bangalore.

Residential interior
Residential project
the display shelves behind the reception showcasing samples of organic grains

An office interior for an organic certification agency.
No paint, all natural plasters!

Commercial interior
Interior projects
Office interior

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