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Earthly Yours - Artisanal Oxide Flooring


Earthly Yours is what we call our crazy love for natural plasters. We parallely run an architecture studio called Made in Earth Collective where we design & build with natural materials. Our knowledge is based on interpreting traditional artisanal plasters for today, in a way that is both indigenous and modern. After years of burying our heads in projects, and drowning our office with hundreds of plaster samples amongst other earthy concoctions, we decided to share that splash of colour, texture and depth that has enriched us in so many ways. Earthly Yours is not just about the wall finish, it is about the stories that the plasters carry, the hands that made it, the materials that went into it, and a promise that there is elegance and pride in all of it.


We plaster. We orchestrate the whole act of introducing natural plasters into a space. We produce and bag natural plasters at our production unit/ lab. Our team of designers will work with you to identify, curate and customise natural plasters for a project. Our artisans travel with the material to apply and craft them onto walls and into spaces.



Having worked with the material for years, we take pride in being artisans. We are an eccentric mix of poetry and pragmatism. While one talks about the texture of a plaster bringing up memories of childhood, the other imagines how a single tone can do so much with shadows. The third is busy mulling over mixes, while yet another is carefully weighing out the direction, and the effort of the adventure itself.  When it comes to our natural plasters, each of us are in the mix as much as the lime, clay and dust.