Natural Clay & Lime Plasters

Yellow Ochre House Plaster

Earthly Yours was born out of our love for natural plasters. We are a team of artisans & designers rooted in sustainability and craftsmanship. We research, design, revive & build with natural materials & traditional techniques. Together with clay and lime, we create spaces that rhyme with 'ecology' and 'handmade' ; in an aesthetic that is simple and timeless. Every square feet of plaster that we make is unique, for the beauty of the craft lies in minute variations in textures created by the movement of the hand.

Earthly yours by Made In Earth

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Earthly yours by Made In Earth
Earthly yours by Made In Earth

Over thousands of years, different regions of the world have developed ingenious ways of using natural materials to build, that reflects their traditions and artisanal brilliance. The principle virtue of earth as a building material lies in its aesthetics, one that is natural, subtle and simple. Natural Plasters are easy to use and allow one to play with a lot of different textures and colours. Eliminating the need for a chemical paint over it, these renders can be sponge finished, smooth or trowel finished, rough or brush finished, fibrous, plain or grainy. And together with natural colour pigments; the options are infinite!
Earthly Yours is a step towards celebrating this magic. Read more.



Earthly Yours by Made In Earth